All About The Base


I always find my clients inspire my articles and this time is no exception, as some of my clients of late have a hard time with the life style diet I recommend. This plant-based acid-alkaline-pie-chartdiet is made up of at least 80% raw foods and 20% cooked foods and because to some this is too hard to incorporate, they fail to get better. I  never judge anyone for their resistance; I see it as an opportunity to educate the individual on WHY I recommend this lifestyle.

“The human being is the only species confused with what foods are meant to be consumed.”

I find the resistance to be a reflection of our society’s uncertainty over what food is Agitated young woman looking up in frustrationhealthy.  In order to really understand all the confusion about nutrition, I thought it important to have a discussion about the foods that the human body needs to remain healthy or to rewind any degeneration or dis-ease.  This is not a new concept and we in the natural community do not boast to have discovered this remedy. We are, however, trying to get the message across, that you, and you alone, are in control of your health; no matter what you are facing. As well, to educate you that everything you need for a life filled with health, vitality, and spirituality is at your fingers tips….. Literally.

 “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it and you cannot heal yourself, with the same foods that made you sick.”

So if you are reading this and you do not feel on top of your game.  If you don’t feel full of energy and vitality. If you are not pain-free or if you are on medication for any labeled ailment long term, you can pretty much assume your foods are playing a role in your situation. Believe me, you are not alone. We as a society have completely forgotten the simplicity of health.  I too was in the dark.  I consumed what I thought was a very “nutritional diet”  and recommended my clients did the same.  The problem was that although my clients’ health always improved, it wasn’t always enough to get them off their medications.  It was always acceptable, and still is today in Allopathic medicine, that as long as you are managing your symptoms, you are healthy. Well, that’s just not true AND that’s not true healing.

My direction changed the day I was introduced to Dr. Robert Morse N. D. It was that day that I saw the truth and simplicity of health. In fact, so impressed with his message, not only did  I study with him in the U.S., but I implemented his straight forward and simplediet-and-pills approach to wellness in my own practice. Since doing so, I have been able to help a great many people find an actual remedy to their health concerns. No more cholesterol medication.  No more blood pressure medication. No more diabetes medication.

“While studying Detoxification and Cell Regeneration I realized that  health is easy……actually it is very simple, so why do we make it so complicated?”

The first thing to understand is that the difference between health and dis-ease is where your body is in regards to chemistry.  There are only two sides.  Acids break down. Alkaline or Base builds and regenerates. So, would it not make sense that in order to imagesreach a state of optimal health or to detoxify the body and let it heal itself, the fuel must be Base chemistry.  This side of chemistry repairs, rejuvenates, and strengthens the body.  On occasion, Dr. Morse speaks about his great success with nerve regeneration when his clients were on all fruit diets, but he noticed that the same results could not be achieved on diets of raw or cooked vegetables.  So what’s the difference?

“Lets take a look at the energetics of food.”

Regeneration requires energy, but not the kind that is measured by calories.  The electromagneticpyramidofenergyvibrationandconsciousweb energy in the food you eat can actually be measured in angstroms. The higher the angstroms, the greater the ability for the body to heal.


Energy of foods

Fresh raw fruits – 8,000 to 10,000 angstroms / Vegetables (fresh, raw) – 8,000 to 9,000 angstroms
 / *Milk (fresh, raw) – 8,500 angstroms / 
Vegetables (cooked) – 4,000 to  6,500 angstroms
 /*Milk (pasteurized) – 2,000 angstroms
  / *Cheese – 1,800 angstroms /      Refined white flour – 1,500 angstroms /Cooked meats / processed foods – 0 angstroms 

*Dairy is the most congesting food on the planet and is not suitable for human   consumption.*

Human Body Frequencies

Human (average) – 6,500 angstroms
Cancer Patients (generally) – 4,875 angstroms

Now understanding the energetics of foods, have you ever thought about your diet from an energetic perspective? If energy were classified as a “nutrient”, how nutritious is your current diet?  If you were simply eating in alignment with your energy needs, what might the ideal diet look like?images-13

I bet it would consist of a plant-based diet made up of mainly raw fruits and vegetables!