Cindy Pettman

Born in Toronto and educated in Canada and the US, Cindy has dedicated most of her life to the health and wellness of herself as well as others.

In the early years, Cindy’s passion for health was fuelled, in part, by her family history of genetic weaknesses; from auto-immune and heart disease to arthritis and cancer. These afflictions pushed Cindy to search for knowledge and to find different ways to strengthen and find balance throughout her body on all levels.

Throughout the ten years, Cindy trained in the martial arts, this strength, and balance would prove to be essential. It was at this time, she delved deeply into the world of food energetics and the medicinal properties of herbs. The combination was invaluable, as Cindy was able, not only to endure but to thrive through the years of the intense stress to her body, mind, and spirit. At the age of forty-two, Cindy reached a milestone and achieved the level of the 1st degree black belt in Gojo Ryu Karate, followed by the 2nd degree at the age of forty-four.

In 2006, Cindy turned her focus completely over to natural medicine and to the service of others. Since that time, she has helped educate and empower many people to take responsibility for their own health.

Cindy’s holistic approach focuses on the regeneration of the body, mind, and spirit, by using the unlimited power of nature. In this process, the body’s own self-healing mechanism is brought forth, as it is the most precise and effective healer. Causes of health condition(s) are healed, therefore symptoms of health condition(s) are eliminated.

With Cindy’s experience and knowledge in detoxification and cell regeneration, clients receive expert, in-depth information on the state of their body. Iridology is used as an accurate tool to help assess all systems and pinpoint weaknesses. Consultations include education on proper nutrition and food combining. When needed, customized herbal blends are suggested to help clean, strengthen and regenerate weakened cell areas. To assist the detoxification process, massage, energy healing (Reiki) and regressive therapy sessions are also available.

With compassionate support, Cindy’s clients discover the natural healing properties of foods, herbal medicines & restorative therapies, in order that they may regain energy, vitality and a zest for life.