Parasites 101

For the last 200 years or so, scientists have spent a lot of time and money in researching the ominous parasite, and in doing so, it has led many physicians in Allopathic (Western) medicine to become so intellectually obsessed, that they can’t see the forest for the trees.
Let’s take a look at why nature created parasites.

A parasite is “An organism that feeds upon the toxicity and weaknesses of others.”

To understand the parasite’s role in nature, let’s look at what happens if you shoot and kill a deer (this is an example only). The first creatures attracted to the scene are the flies. Their work is to lay eggs, which become maggots. What is the job of the maggot? To images-4-53-03-pmeliminate the dead carcass of the deer. This is nature’s way of cleaning itself, otherwise, the bodies of all dead animals would still be here. In this way parasites are good. They are essential to the balance of nature as they keep the cycle of nature going. The atoms in this world are never destroyed, just changed by different actions; parasitic being one of these actions. Certainly, nature did not design parasites to attack healthy tissue or we would all be dead. Parasites are everywhere and you can see their vital role on this planet in helping nature eliminate the weak so that the strong survive.

The many different types of parasites include Yeast, fungus, warts, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, worms (of all types) and flukes. Not all parasites are bad, in fact we play host to many microbial parasites.unknown-2 They assist in the breaking down of materials to be utilized by the body or disposed of through the eliminative channels. However, the more toxicity in the body, the greater need for these garbage eaters. Remember everything is about balance. The problem occurs when the wastes accumulate and the parasitic action from within the body increases to come to the rescue. Worse is when a microbial parasite or one of the bigger boys (worms and flukes) enters the body by what you eat, drink, breathe or absorb through the skin. If gone unchecked, these uninvited guests can become a major problem. Worms and flukes can grow and travel throughout the body, but especially love the liver, bladder, heart and GI tract, including the stomach. If the environment is right, theses parasites set up shop and go to work feasting on areas throughout the lymphatic system of the cells that are congested with toxins. Wherever the sewage is backed up, becomes an “All you can eat buffet”.

images-5-1The fact that some worms can lay up to 200, 000 eggs a day, complicates the situation, to say the least.
Microbial parasites can affect any part of the body as well, causing devastating effects on your health. The fact that a great many of the microbial parasites mimic the body’s own cells, they go undetected and trick the body into believing that they are not an invader. They go on their merry way causing damage to cells. We think nothing is wrong until symptoms start to arise (MS, Lupus, Lyme, Parkinson’s and Fibromyalgia have all been linked to  parasites.)
It is incredible the number of clients that have come to see me with symptoms such as; bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, etc. I take one look in their eyes and ask the same questions: “Have you traveled out of the country lately?” Nine times out of ten, the answer is “Yes”.  They are shocked when I inform them that they have unknowingly brought back a pet. If no traveling has occurred, I ask: “Do you remember a time when you ate something and felt ill after?” The answer is usually “Yes and shortly after all of the symptoms started.” In all cases, there is a great deal of lymphatic toxicity and congestion in the affected area.images-6

 Just as incredible is the number of clients I see, that have parasites, and who have already exhausted the Allopathic (Western Medicine) route. In this modality, the standard parasite test is a stool sample. It is believed that if parasites are present, they will show up in the stool. This is a very unreliable test as most parasites are happy to stay in the toxicity of the body, therefore they are not expelled through the stool. Surely Allopathic (Western) medicine, with all the diagnostic tools and advanced technology, can detect these uninvited pets?  Unfortunately, the answer is no! If stool samples come back negative, then parasite is usually ruled out as the problem.  IBS is usually the diagnoses and pharmaceuticals are suggested if diet, probiotics, and fiber do not solve the problem. If samples come back positive, a round of highly powerful antibiotics is used to kill the invader. In the short term, the person will feel images-3better….until the antibiotics wear off. Then slowly all the symptoms start to reappear. The truth is antibiotics do not kill most parasites, they just put them to sleep for a short period of time. In the meantime, these powerful antibiotics strip the person of all the beneficial parasitic action, like the good bacteria needed to help the digestion/absorption process.

One case, in particular, comes to mind; a family with small children came to see me. They had been seeking help from one of the most prestigious Children’s Hospital in the city. For two years the children had suffered from Diarrhea, bloating, stomach pain, bowel cramping, irritability, nightmares, insomnia, and anxiety. They had been indeed diagnosed with a parasitic infection and the treatment was numerous rounds of powerful antibiotics. As you now know, antibiotics only put the parasites to sleep. After the round of medication was over, the invaders woke up, the symptoms returned and more antibiotics were given. Needless to say, this treatment was anything but effective.
I asked the parents if they owned a dog and the reply was “Yes”. I advised them

to deworm everyone in the house; pets included. Within 2 months, the mom informed me that their little dog had passed a large worm in its stool. Perfect! The source had been found. They continued to deworm all in the household and within 3 – 4 months of herbs and diet changes, the children were thriving; all but a few symptoms had gone.images-8-41-30-am
The youngest was still dealing with stomach pain, not only from the parasite but from the years of the stomach and bowel lining being stripped of all the beneficial bacteria. A good probiotic was suggested to alleviate the problem. My heart filled with gratitude when the mom said: “Thank you for giving my babies back to me”.
The key to wellness for this family was not only the eviction of the parasites but the significance of changing the environment in the body that enables the parasite to flourish in the first place. This important aspect was never discussed with this family in the two years of medical supervision.  Something needs to change. Our attitudes toward natural medicine have to evolve. Our attitudes towards the laws of nature have to be retaught!
Years ago, people used to deworm their bodies every spring and fall. Unfortunately today, the North American population thinks themselves far too evolved, to think their bodies could be breeding grounds for these creatures. When you understand the laws of nature and the role of the parasite, you know this thinking to be untrue. So how do you safeguard against parasites? Keep the body pure and clear of mucus and impurities and strengthen the cells. Detox the body with a parasite cleanse each spring and fall. Eat a diet high in well-washed fruits and vegetables.

Remember that parasites are not the cause but the effect. They only thrive in a base of toxicity and mucus, as this is their food source. Healthy cells are not a breeding ground for parasites!k21023089

Only the strong survive in this world. Become healthy and full of vitality and your life will change in every way imaginable. Most importantly, you will have a better chance at avoiding any unwanted pets.