Detoxification / Cell Regeneration


“The process of cleansing and alkalizing the body by the removal of obstructions (eg. acids, mucus, parasites, chemicals, minerals, metals, thoughts and emotions) that block energy and the proper function of cells and the individual. This is a necessary requirement in returning to vibrant health” – Dr. Robert Morse – ND.

Why should one DETOX?

We live in a world full of chemicals. An estimated 35,000 chemicals are in commercial use in Canada and more than twice as many in the United States. No matter what you eat, drink, breathe or put on your skin is all being absorbed into your bloodstream. All of the foreign materials we are exposed to build up in our body and obstructs the daily functions of our cellular composition which can interfere with our optimum health. In order to unclog the system, you must clean the body and restore it to vitality.

  FRUITS CLEAN                      HERBS  SUPPORT                   VEGGIES REBUILD

As your detoxification counselor,  I will work closely with you and together we will focus strongly on your body and its internal workings. The body is your messenger and it is always telling you something and I am here to help you listen and understand the importance of that message. I will guide you to join the journey of vibrant health, where nothing is impossible. Are you ready?

On this journey, you will learn:

  1. Diet is number 1! What you eat, drink, breathe and put on your skin is what you become. You invite the outside world in and I will show you how to invite only nature in.
  2. How to move your lymph system – this is your sewer system and if it’s not moving, it’s backing up in your body.
  3. The importance of herbs and their action in your body. Each herb is tissue-specific meaning there is an herb connected to each and every tissue and part of the body. Herbs promote detoxification, but most importantly they support our organs. They are life and they are powerful.
  4. How to enhance and strengthen ALL bodily organs – all organs are made of the same cellular tissues. We are whole and one.
  5. Allopathic approach vs Naturopathic approach – Medicine should only consist of natural remedies that alkalize to balance, clean and regenerate the body.
  6. Proper food combining and its effect on your body – Are the foods you are eating full of energy?
  7. How to protect yourself from the toxic chemical world – Learn to minimize and eradicate environmental toxicity from your surroundings.
  8. The nature of dis-ease; the root cause and its outcome. The body responds to the conditions you set. It is important to understand the acidity and toxicity one endures over their lifetime.
  9. Weight loss and control; addressing the cause.
  10. How to activate and balance your ability to heal; you are more powerful than you can imagine.
  11. How to reconnect with nature – We are nature, we are the cosmos, we are the universe. We need to spend more time unplugged and find ways to let nature balance our lives.