Running after “Diseases”

Western medicine is in a mad rush to find “The Cure” for a mirage of symptoms they label as “Diseases”. They continually look to outside pathogens that break down the cells of the body. Better yet, the word of the day is “Autoimmune”,  where the cells of the body begin to attack themselves. With all the money that has been thrown at finding the cure for illness from A-Z, what “Disease” has the Allopathic community actually cured? Go on….take your time…..

If you want to empower yourself on the road to health and vitality, first you must take responsibility in knowing that you alone are in control. You must understand that there are only three ways a cell is damaged;  by trauma, by genetic memory or by acidosis. Above all, you must remember chemistry 101. There are only two sides. Acids break down and are corrosive. Alkaline builds up and regenerate.

Which side are YOU on?

There are four main areas of the body that must be functioning for optimal health. Can you relate to any symptoms (Diseases) in this short video?