Detoxification Symptoms



Mild Cleansing Effects

Cold and flu-like symptoms
Low-grade fevers (99°-100° Fahrenheit)
Minor aches and pains
Mucus in stools
Mucus in urineimages-1
Loss of energy (may go up and down)
Rashes and itching
Temporary increase of disease symptoms
Mucus from eyes
Mild headaches
Minor blurred vision
Minor vertigo
Weight loss (average 8-15lbs. in two weeks. Depends upon the level of thyroid weakness. Can be as little as 2 lbs)
Emotional feelings rising up, such as mild crying, anger or even laughter
Short term nosebleeds
Some rectal bleeding from hemorrhoids or lesions
Minor blood in urine


Moderate Cleansing Effects

Symptoms of bronchitis or pneumonia
Heavy discharges of green to brown mucus from nose and throat (lungs, bronchi, etc.)
Pain in joints
Heavy discharge from kidneys (urine colour changes to brown, orange or dark yellow)
Pain in old injuries or in degenerative areas of the body
Minor paralysis of limbsimages
Chronic fatigue symptoms
Spasms of the lungs in asthma/emphysema/C.O.P.D
Moderate shortness of breath (asthma, emphysema, C.O.P.D.)
Temporary increase in tumour size
Disease symptoms magnifying (short-lived)
Sores appearing on the skin
Oozing of innumerable substances from the skin, especially from the hands and feet
Weak muscle breakdown (muscle from meat protein)
Heavy mucus discharge from eyes and ears
Cellulitis “clumping”
Dizziness and/or vertigo
Minor heart palpitations
Loose teeth (minor)
Minor abscesses in mouth
High-grade fever (103°-l05°Fahrenheit).
Deep coughing (sometimes dry) Use herbs to loosen and eliminate (expectorate) the impacted mucus
Depression or anxieties
Emotional releasing (crying, anger, laughter, etc.).
Heavy thoughts (lack of clarity).
Skin splitting where heavy toxins exist.
Excessive itching
Mercury tooth fillings can be pushed out by the body.
Rectal bleeding from past or present hemorrhoids or lesions.

“You may experience one or several of the above cleansing effects, (healing crisis). Don’t panic! You want these.