Higher Ground Healing

THE MEANING OF HIGHER GROUND HEALING  – The optimal state of health and well being, free from all obstructions on all levels. To be happy and content. To be filled with unconditional love for self and love and compassion for all living creatures; An optimal state of energy and vitality. To have clarity and peace of mind. To be connected with the Universe. To be self-aware and present in one’s life.

THE PATH TO HIGHER GROUND HEALING – Begins with the physical level and with CIndy and dogs- 11759359220160715-justaclick359320160715-justaclickwhat one feeds this incredible machine called the human body. When fuelled properly, the body will perform all tasks with great efficiency. As this process takes place, it creates a domino effect. As each cell receives high energy food and releases all the toxins, anything being held on a mental and emotional level releases as well; freeing the body of the negativity of past and present traumas and hurts. Any anger, resentment, hate, self-loathing, sadness and jealousy that one holds onto, washes away with the rest of the trash. The individual grows as the vessel becomes clearer and as it does one’s awareness, and connection to the universe grows, so too, the level of one’s spirituality.

The soul expands and takes on a greater presence in one’s life and the optimal state of health and well being called HIGHER GROUND HEALING is achieved.